Tuesday, November 13, 2007

champion international

«champion international» was a gift to my mother.

There is a girl in a swimsuit on whose pants we see «champion international». On her belly we find the drawing of yet another girl, holding on to the hand of its mother. It seems as if both mother and child were standing in a waterlike element. Where to the girl, the element is up to her chest, it barely reaches the mothers’ knees, implying a disparity in the ability to cope. The writing «you break someone's heart, somebody breaks yours, happens every day» strengthens the disparity. It might be a piece of advice a mother gives to her heartbroken child.

I don’t know why I chose James Bond in a suit but I had great fun distorting him with a mustache. I guess I am trying to express a girlish fear of this icon “male” and the need to downplay it by mocking it. Seeing the mustache as a symbol for the girls’ pubic hair would probably be a little far far-fetched albeit the subject of neatly combed and tailored pubic-moustaches would make for a great photograph series.

The figure standing by and watching works as the fatherly onlooker, watching his daughter grow up.

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