Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Abtauchen in Welten

«Abtauchen in Welten» means «plunging in worlds» and deals with the confrontation of political issues gaining visibility in this hightly digitalized world. The gumboots stand for the vulnerability of children, the caviar symbolises luxury and might, the blood for all the blod being shed in fights for resources (food, water, commodities) and finally the arm fighting with white glove stands for the struggle of the black community struggling for equality.

Last but not least the pasted elements (pieces of paper) stand for the pasting and mashing-up of news that each one of us is involuntarily involved in each day. How do we prioritize news and issues? What is important in our own lives? We fabricate our own reality, blank out certain information or numb ourselves in order not to become overwhelmed.

However much we succeed in blocking out or mashing up, what remains is the stark and often cruel juxtaposition of issues turning one or the other into a parody at times. I tried to convey exactly this element of parody or slapstick like quality.

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