Friday, March 7, 2008


For no particular reason, I've been searching for images of fetuses lately. While they look great in photographs they must be impossible to paint. I tried it once but only got it to work when turning the thing into an installation («Embrio»). In this collage a girl is kneeling down to explore something innocently. As we grow out of our innocent baby-years we - consciously or unconsciously - take on genderconcepts of our family and people we might admire at the time and turn into our rolemodels. We work on our appearance, our character etc.

With this collage I wanted to express the danger of «losing oneself» in the process. While men may lose themselves in a macho role, women tend to give up their femininity when pursuing a career. Thus the question: «Noch alle weiblich?»

However that juxtaposition might also just be an overpolarization of the male - femal spectrum. I guess I just want to make people take a good hard look and decide for themselves whether they are truly realizing their potential or merely striving to be someone else.

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