Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Die Vorahnung - Einsame unter sich

Time and time again, I sit down, cut out clippings from newspapers and magazines, rearanging and gluing the sniplets together until - I find before me another piece of my past or current situation on a flat piece of paper. Sometimes it takes me three years to realize that what I have unconsciously put together is the perfect mirror of a particular situation or an image of a psychological constellation.

I found «Die Vorahnung- Einsame unter sich» to deal with me and my father. An accomplished man in the foreground and a somewhat extravagant newcomer in the background. Both are or will soon be successful in what they do, yet their success comes at the price of a certain solitude.

Scary somehow, how the unconscious keeps kreeping up at times, shouting almost: «Do you read me?»

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